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About Company

Afraz Kala Company was established in 2003 and 2003 with the aim of providing the latest and highest quality medical equipment and disposable medical and laboratory clothing.
The company, by obtaining exclusive representation from reputable international companies and importing medical equipment and medical consumables, offering world-class products and valid European CE and FDA standards, and providing services and support for updates and extensive distribution network throughout the country, is always on the way. Market and product development in this industry has achieved significant growth.
Afraz Kala Company, by actively and effectively participating in most related domestic and foreign exhibitions and specialized congresses, plays an effective role in presenting and recognizing quality products to the respected medical community.
The company also provides services for more than a decade in the field of fully automatic shoe covers and BOTAO brand shoe cover removers and surgical latex gloves, examination gloves (latex, nitrile and vinyl),
Types of masks (three layers, surgery, N95 and FFP2), accordion hats, shoe covers and all kinds of disposable clothes with the brand feather, medlife in accordance with international and European standards and the license of the Ministry of Health with the best quality and guarantee of readiness to cooperate Announces.

Shoe cover machine and shoe cover separator

This device is used for places such as sensitive wards of hospitals, embryo centers, food, cosmetics factories, pharmaceutical and similar trachea factories, laboratories, swimming pools as well as in poultry breeding centers, milking parlors, day-old chicken production halls. It is used in all centers that require high hygiene to enter.
As you know, there are currently three ways to reduce the transmission of contamination to the centers mentioned:

1- Constant change of shoes
2- Wearing disposable covers
3- Using chlorine ponds in some production centers

All three methods waste a lot of time and energy, and therefore these methods are often ignored by people and increase the possibility of contamination entering these centers.
Usually, the amount of contamination of the soles of the shoes of visitors, customers, inspectors and staff inside these centers is not properly measured and its true amount is certainly less considered, and common infections in medical centers, pollution of production halls, increase every year. Poultry and livestock losses cause a lot of human and economic losses to society.

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